Held on the 26th February
Ingleton Ex-Servicemens Club


Richard Handford, Tracy Strong, Lynda Hargreaves, Su Thompson, Paul Crabtree, Judith, Lee and Thomas Marshall, Logan Madras-Hargreaves.


Carly and Nick Seggar-Staveley, Estelle Willis, Louise Maude, Mick Smith, Mr & Mrs Swarbrick, Paul Lambert.

Chairmans Report:

The 2016 Season saw a few challenges

Su Thompson’s suggestion of allowing joining on the day was very successful and membership was up on 2015.

Race Timers
The introduction of new timers was a challenge for us but we got to grips with them by the end.

Prize Money
Most of the sports shows are now giving equal prize money for male and female runners

Season Review
We saw some great races with top runners. Seniors male and female and some outstanding juniors are now doing very well at cross country. For me I thought the 2016 season was a great success. This was due to some excellent races made possible by the hard work from a great team of committee members and helpers. I thank you all for your support for 2016 season and hope that it will continue into the 2017 season and help BOFRA beat last year’s success.

Treasurers report:

BOFRA made a profit in 2016, mainly due to membership increase. BOFRA holds a reasonable reserve in the building society.
Statement of Accounts
Period Ending 26th February 2017



Membership Fees 2915.00 Prize Money 2062.00
Entry Fees 4068.00 Trophies 2215.61
Car Park Fees 456.00 Presentation Night 4233.91
Donations 666.00 Meal 2506.00
Fund Raising 556.00 T-Shirts & Hoodies 1580.20
Presentation Night 2076.00 Expenses 147.71
BOFRA Merchandise 340.40 Donation 80.00
Sundry 541.44
Office Equipment 356.45

Total Income


Total Expenditure


Profit for period ending 26 February 2017         £1345.46

Building Society Account        £11,115.20

Cash in Hand       £2996.20

Election of Officers:

  • Chair - Lee Marshall
  • Vice Chair - Tracey Strong
  • Secretary - Vacant
  • Treasurer - Paul Crabtree
  • Membership - Su Thompson
  • Website, Results and Statistician - Richard Handford
  • Press Officer - Su Thompson
  • Trophies - Angela Donlan
  • Sponsorship:

    We have been kindly sponsored by Up & Running again and INOV8 have offered to give us Raffle prizes again for the dinner dance. Hope Torches have continued to provide prizes for the dinner dance. This is a significant contribution and we are very grateful for their continued support.

    Race Calendar:

    The race calendar is nearly complete there are a couple of dates to be firmed up. The cancelation of Sedbergh Gala has created a number of issues in securing a location for the start, so that the BOFRA committee can run the race.

    Membership Fees:

    The organisation is financially stable and with a small profit made last year the meeting agree that membership fees shall remain the same for 2017.
  • Juniors £7
  • Seniors £15
  • Family £30
  • Race Entry Fees:

    Again with a small profit made last year the meeting agree that race entry fees shall remain the same for 2017.
  • Juniors £1
  • Seniors £4
  • Affiliation:

    The meeting agreed that BOFRA should continue its affiliation with the Fell Runners Association to ensure that race that ae organised by the BOFRA are insured. This also requires that the BOFRA Race organiser must be a member of the FRA and be present on the day of the race


    Lots of helpers required for registration, flagging, marshalling, photos (for website not just Facebook). Whilst it has been great to see some new members come forward to take up roles on the committee, we still need the wider support of our members and supporters to help put on races. There are numerous roles which still need to be filled to make each race run smoothly and take some of the weight off the small number of individuals who work tirelessly to put on fantastic and well organised races for you all.

    The following members have offered to help over the 2017 season, the committee would appreciate more if more members could come forward and offer their help.

    Mr & Mrs Swarbrick
    Louise Maude, Mick Smith
    Carly & Nick Seggar- Staveley
    Paul Lambert.
    Estelle & Ian Willis

    Presentation Dinner:

    After some discussion at the meeting it was decided that The Presentation Dinner will be held on the 4th November due to the Fell Runners Association presentation dinner being held on the 11th November. The venue will be the Rolls Royce Club Barnoldswick, but this has still to be confirmed.

    Any Other Business:

    After being on the BOFRA committee, for more years than anyone can remember our Secretary, Pauline Scholes has decided to stand down from the committee. The BOFRA committee, the members, and all the runners that have taken part in BOFRA races would like to thank Pauline for her hard work, commitment and dedication in supporting BOFRA over many years.

    If there is anyone out there willing follow on in her foot steps in this key role within the organisation the committee would be grateful to hear from them. This does not have to be an individual member, the role can be shared between a number of members.

    A proposal was put forward for the reintroduction of the Under 21 championship. The meeting agreed in principle with the proposal but decided it would be better to make the decision closer to the start of the season once the committee has a view of the number of under 21s that signup for the 2017 BOFRA Championship.

    A proposal was put forward that for all BOFRA organised races, the senior races will not start before 1:30pm. This is to accommodate the issues with the junior races over running past the current senior race start time of 1:00pm.

    Where junior races overrun senior race start time, the seniors race will start 10 minutes after the under 17 race has finish. Registration for the senior’s race will close at 1:15pm. This was carried by the members.

    A proposal for an international race between BOFRA runners and Scotland Runners, this was carried by the members of the meeting with the rules and locations to be confirmed by the start of the first race at Sedbergh.

    Meeting ended at 17.45