Photography rules and Copyright ©

Displaying photographs on the BOFRA website

Photographs of our events on this website to provide a visual reminder of the day.

Whilst there is no legislation governing how photographs of sporting events should be displayed on the internet, the committee feels that it is important to take appropriate steps to safeguard those individuals who are subject of the photos we display.

Guidance is available to help organisations that host photographs of children, as a result of which:

  • Only appropriate photos will be displayed on the site;
  • photos and thumbnails will be kept to a relatively low resolution;
  • all photos are subject of a copyright notice;
  • if an individual does not wish to have photographs of themselves or their family displayed on the website, then they will be removed; and
  • as non-members are welcome to run in all our races, a notice to that effect is displayed on the website.

If you do not wish to have photographs of yourself or your children displayed on the website, please contact the webmaster.

If you have any photos which you would like to include on the website, please contact the webmaster.


Why have a copyright notice? The law on copyright is plain. If an individual has taken a photograph then it may only be used with their permission. Putting a photo on a web site does not imply that permission is granted for the photograph to be used for any purpose by others.

If no credit is given to another photographer, then the photograph was taken by me,or the photographer has passed on the right to me. The position on my own photographs is as follows:

  • If you are the subject in the photograph, then you are very welcome to take the the image off the website and use it for whatever purpose you choose. If you wish, I will email a higher resolution copy to you, or I will supply a print at cost.
  • Any other person, not the subject of the photograph, wishing to use a photograph must ask my permission and I will obtain the permission of the person in the photograph.

Where photos on the BOFRA website are the work of other photographers, credit is given unless they choose not to be named. The copyright of the photo belongs to the photographer and their permission should be sought before the image is used.

This copyright applies to all photographs on this website and whilst not a legal necessity, a copyright notice is added on the photo pages.

Woodheads' photographs - Additional information

This website is fortunate to have numerous photographs from Dave and Eileen Woodhead and has explicit permission to display them. Whilst copies may be obtained by individuals subject of the photo for their personal use, these photographs are used in a number of local and national publications and therefore their release and use needs to be properly controlled. If you wish to use these photos on any other website, publication or other commercial environment, approval must be sought from the photographer and appropriate acknowledgement should be recorded within the publication.

To contact Dave and Eileen, telephone 01535 669100 or write to 166, Hainworth Wood Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 5DF

Non-photographic material

I am happy to share my limited design ideas, code, and other material with other web site authors, indeed I am very grateful for the support I have received whilst developing this site. Please respect the obvious copyright, e.g. BOFRA where it is used etc. If you take one of my ideas and improve on it, please share it with me.


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