Membership Applications

Please can you send in your applications to join BOFRA the fees are the same as last year.
Family £30
Senior £15
Junior £7

Application forms can be found here

Please do it NOW to ensure you are registered before the first race. Race numbers for member applications will not be posted out this year. They will be bought to the races where they can be collected on the day of your first race, and before you register for the race.

Changes to the 2017 Race Programme

There a a number of changes to the Race Programme which are listed below, but please always check the WEB site before you depart for a race to check for any last minute changes.

Due to none of the Senior Races starting at 1:00pm during the 2016 season, because of the juniors races taking longer and over running the 1:00pm senior race start time. The start time for Senior Races will change to 1:30pm. The will allow senior runners go through their pre-race routines closer to the start of their race. Senior Registration will now close at 1:15pm.

If the juniors races overrun the senior start time then the Senior Race will start 10 minutes following the completion of the last junior race. This is only applies races that are held by BOFRA and commence with Junior races at 12 Noon. The only exception to this is the Helm Hill race where junior race commences at 2pm and the Seniors Race will commence at 3:30pm

Sedbergh Gala has been cancelled for 2017 it may be held in 2018. For this year Sedbergh will revert to a BOFRA Championship Race starting at 12 Noon. The start will be in the Gala Show field but to secure this location the committee has had to bring the race forward to the 7th May.

Malham Charity Relays has been moved to Sunday 21st May starting at 11:30am.

Farleton Knott has been move to a week later to the 6th August. This race used to be on the Sunday following Amble side Sports. By moving it a week later it allows more time for preparing the route.

BOFRA Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 26th February at Ingleton Ex-Servicemens Club

The minutes from the meeting can be found here