Championship Rules



The 2023 BOFRA championship comprises 16 senior races and 15 junior races. Muker Show is a Senior championship race only.

Whilst non-members are more than welcome to enter these races, you must be a fully paid up member of BOFRA to claim championship points.

In the event of any championship races being cancelled for whatever reason, then competitors are still required to complete 8 races.  However in the event of there only being 13 championship races available, then each competitor’s best 7 results will count.

Where a person becomes a member part way through the season, they can claim points for all races following their date of joining, but championship points cannot be claimed for races run prior to the date of joining.
Runners may join on the day, but must do so before they compete.

Membership will be closed after the ninth race, or when there are no longer enough races left for a person to complete the championship.

Application details can be found here.

Championship positions

Championship positions are awarded for each runner that completes 8 championship races. Where a runner completes more than 8 races, their best 8 results are used.

Championship Points

Points are awarded in each race category as follows:

  • 60 points for first place
  • 57 points for second place
  • 55 points for third place
  • decreasing by one point per place thereafter.

Championship categories

Categories are as follows:

  • Under 12 Boys (minimum age 9 years)
  • Under 12 Girls (minimum age 9 years)
  • Under 14 Boys
  • Under 14 Girls
  • Under 17 Boys
  • Under 17 Girls
  • Under 23 Men (No prize at races, but end of season trophy)
  • Under 23 Ladies (No prize at races, but end of season trophy)
  • Senior Men
  • Senior Ladies
  • Vet 40 Men
  • Vet 40 Ladies
  • Vet 45 Men
  • Vet 45 Ladies
  • Vet 50 Ladies
  • Vet 50 Men
  • Vet 60 Men
  • Vet 60 Ladies (No prize at races, but end of season trophy)
  • Vet 70 Men (No prize at races, but end of season trophy)


The under 9’s age category is “non-championship” and the minimum age to compete is 6 years (on the day).

Age categories

Runners will compete in the age category determined by their age on 1 May 2023, and remain in that category for the whole of the 2023 season.


  • A child born 30th April 2009 is 14 on 1st May 2023 and will be in the Under 17 category
  • A child born 1st May 2009 is 14 on 1st May 2023 and will be in the Under 17 category
  • A child born 2nd May 2009 is 13 on 1st May 2023 and will be in the Under 14 category

Where an event does not include an under 9’s race, then the child may enter the under 12’s race at their parents discretion and at their own risk. The minimum age to compete in any race is 6 years (on the day).

Please note that under 12’s races are considerably more challenging than the under 9’s races and parents must be satisfied that their child is capable of competing in the race without putting themselves or other competitors in danger.


All competitors must note the following disclaimer

“All BOFRA races are run in accordance with the rules and safety requirements of BOFRA and/or the FRA. I confirm
that I will familiarise myself with the Organiser’s information and requirements in connection with each race. I
confirm that I have navigational skills appropriate for each race and will carry throughout the race any equipment
specified either by BOFRA, the FRA Safety Requirements or by the organiser. I accept the hazards involved in fell
running and acknowledge that I will enter and compete in each race at my own risk. Other than the Organiser’s
liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the Organiser accepts
no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of my participation in these