Frequently asked questions

Q – Do I have to be a member to enter BOFRA races?

No. You do not have to be a member to enter any of the races in the BOFRA calendar, including championship races. However to be eligible to claim championship points you must be a member.

Q – What time does registration close

Registration for the Senior Race will close 15 minutes before the advertised start of the senior race. This is due to the fact that the people manning registration often wish to run themselves so it needs to close in order that they can get ready and warm up.

Q – If I join later in the season, can I claim championship points for previous races?

Championship positions are calculated after each race. Therefore it is not possible to backdate membership applications to take into account previous races.

Q – Who organises BOFRA races?

The BOFRA calendar includes championship and non-championship races. BOFRA committee members officiate at all championship races and assist at others. Championship races include BOFRA organised races (eg Burnsall) as well as others taking place at shows (eg Alva and Ambleside).
Non-championship races are included in the calendar to provide members with details of other traditional fell races in the country.

Q – I am a BOFRA member. Do I have to pay for races?

Race entry fees apply to every runner. Children £2, Adults £5. Entry fees at shows may be different and are often waived if you have paid to get into the show.

Q – I am a BOFRA member. Do I have to register for races?

Everyone must register on the day, to ensure that every runner is safe and accounted for.

Q – Do I use my BOFRA number for all of the races?

Members should use their BOFRA race number at every Championship Race. BOFRA race numbers cannot
be used at any other race unless stated clearly on the race page

Q – What do I do if I lose/damage my BOFRA number?

Members are provided with a single race number which should be durable enough to last the 15 championship races in the season. If a member should lose or forget their number they can hey can still run by purchasing a replacement number from registration for £1. Members should not run in a non-members number as they may not be allocated championship points.
If there are any further queries, please contact the membership secretary.

Q – The under 9’s category is really competitive. Why is it a non-championship category?

Under 9’s races are included at many events to provide an introduction to fell racing for the younger children and make the event more inclusive.
Whilst an increasing number of children at the top end of the age category compete fiercely, this is not the case for all runners and the emphasis in this age group is on fun.

Q – There is no under 9 race at a BOFRA championship event, can my child run in the under 12’s?

Where there is no under 9’s race, then parents may enter their child in the under 12’s race. However there is a significant difference between the ability needed to compete in these two age categories. Parents should therefore only enter their child in the older age category if they are entirely satisfied that their child can negotiate the course without causing danger to themselves or other runners.

Q – Is there a minimum age to compete?

The minimum age has been set at 6 years of age on the day of the race. This is for the safety of all competitors and efficient running of the whole race programme

Q – Can I run with my child?

The general rule is that all runners are expected to run unaccompanied. This was introduced because some parents were running alongside their child for much of the course providing coaching and advice and, thus giving their child an unfair advantage. Also at times they were getting in the way of other competitors. Consequently anyone who gains undue advantage may be liable to disqualification.

However, as BOFRA likes to provide a friendly atmosphere and encourage newcomers to its races then the following would generally be allowed, providing the competitor concerned is not likely to win a prize or gain positions as a result of it, and no other runners are impeded by the person giving support.

U9 runners: For their first couple of races parents may run with their U9 child.  The child must be a registered runner in that race and not join part way through as this has serious safety implications.   As an adult is running with the child, it is expected that the child (and adult) run at the back of the race and DO NOT get in the way of other U9 runners. As a courtesy to other runners, the parent should run at the side of the course and not on it.  The parent/adult is expected to make themselves known to the registration team/Race Organiser prior to registering their child.  The adult might be requested to wear some form of obvious label so that everyone knows they are permitted to be alongside the race. After the first one or two races with an adult alongside them, the child would be expected to have enough confidence to run unaided.

Children running a competitor into the finish.

A senior or more experienced runner providing support to a newcomer whilst competing, in terms of coaching and advice through parts of the race.

Q – Are there any special kit requirements?

Every competitor must wear shoes and equipment which are appropriate for the race in which they are competing. In some cases it will be necessary for runners to carry full body cover depending upon the weather conditions. All competitors must follow the race organisers direction. For further information please read the
Safety Requirements page.

Q – What is the BOFRA position on Transgender Athletes

As many of our races are registered with the Fell Runners Association, BOFRA has resolved to  support of the Joint Statement on Transgender Eligibility issued by the FRA in November 2023.

FRA/WFRA/NIMRA Transgender Statement.