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Name:   Alana Willis

Club:   Wharfedale

Where are you from?:   Sutton in Craven

Age:   16

Occupation:   Student

How long have you been running?:   2 Years

How long have you been fell running?:   1.5 Years

Why fell running?:    why not?

Favourite Race(s) why?:    Coniston Gullies, Badger Stone Relays, Alva hill race, Lothersdale fell race

Greatest achievements (or disasters!):    Kildwick fell race: 1st U16 girl. Lothersdale fell race: 1st U16 girl. Alva Hill Race: 1st U16 girl.

Do you follow a training programme?:    train at least twice a week and race most weekends.

What is your weekly mileage?:    8 miles

Who is your sporting hero / villain!:    Usain Bolt

Favourite food:    Chicken and Strawberries (not together!)

Favourite drink:    Water

Favourite shoes:    Track spikes

Favourite piece of running kit:    Shorts

Favourite music / band:    5SOS

Favourite movie / TV programme:   

Do you have any other hobbies?:    Track

Give us an interesting fact / something we wouldn't know about you!:    I'm going to be in the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records.

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't fell running I would be...:    ...texting.

Complete the sentence: I have never...:    ...done as I was told...

Anything else you want to add?:    I love running

Alana Willis

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