Member Profiles - John Thompson

Name: John Thompson

Club: Wharfdale Harriers

Where are you from?: Gargrave

Age: 53

Occupation: Farmer / Cattle dealer

How long have you been running?: 20 years

How long have you been fell running?: 20 years

Why fell running?: Around 20 years ago, I was chasing a sheep up and down a hill. When the pursuit was over, I realised I quite enjoyed it, so decided to join BOFRA.

Favourite Race(s) why?: Gargrave Show - Only chance of winning a trophy (1st local)

Greatest achievements (or disasters!): Being born and close second surviving Ben Nevis

Do you follow a training programme?: Yes, but if I told you, I would have to kill you!

What is your weekly mileage?: About 500 a week in the wagon

Who is your sporting hero / villain!: Hero - Sam Watson / James Webb. Villain - Sam Watson!

Favourite food: Beef - in any form

Favourite drink: Water

Favourite shoes: Caroline's Ugg boots; they make my feet feel like royalty

Favourite piece of running kit: Black farming socks

Favourite music / band: Bruce Springsteen and the E street band

Favourite movie / TV programme: Neighbours

Do you have any other hobbies?: Yes, farming and driving around looking at other people's cows

Give us an interesting fact / something we wouldn't know about you!:In 1974, Cliff Richard signed my chest (I didn't ask him to!)

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't fell running I would be... ...sat here filling out this form.

Complete the sentence: I have never... ...been to a cinema or rock concert and managed to stay awake through the whole thing - I have sleeping issues.

Anything else you want to add?: If anyone has any cull cows, please dial 07850 318137. We pick up at your convenience and pay the best prices in the industry. Service with a smile :-)

John Thompson

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