Member Profiles - Neil Dyson

Name: Neil Dyson

Club:Ochil Hill Runners (originally my 2nd claim club, I resigned from North Yorks Moors when it became mainly a road running club)

Where are you from?: Carperby (in Wensleydale)

Age: 67

Occupation: Civil Engineer

How long have you been running?: 35 years

How long have you been fell running?: 35 years

Why fell running?: I was originally a long distance walker (50 milers), but those events were getting more competitive so that you had to jog to do well. It wasn't a great step from there to fell running.

Favourite Race(s) why?: It used to be the 2 breweries race in Scotland because it never rained at the end of September, but nowadays I much prefer the home crowd at Muker Show.

Greatest achievements (or disasters!): Reaching the top 10 of the Scottish V40's and V50's many years ago.

Do you follow a training programme?: No

What is your weekly mileage?: About 30 in winter, 40 in summer

Who is your sporting hero / villain!: Billy Bland - to win Borrowdale by 15 minutes and then win Latrigg the next day against fresh opposition!

Favourite food: Fish and Rice

Favourite drink: Any real ale

Favourite shoes: Walsh

Favourite piece of running kit: Bum Bag - whatever did we do before they were invented?

Favourite music / band: Steeleye Span, but also Mozart

Favourite movie / TV programme: No time to watch it

Do you have any other hobbies?: Occasional gardener, but too busy to need a hobby.

Give us an interesting fact / something we wouldn't know about you!: First person to visit all the 2000 foot spot heights, as marked on 1" O.S. maps for England & southern Scotland.

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't fell running I would be... ...Marshalling or watching.

Complete the sentence: I have never... ...been to a night club...and have no wish to do so..

Anything else you want to add?: Fell running has given me a wonderful life and greatly improved my knowledge of fell country throughout Britain.

Neil Dyson

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