Member Profiles - Paul Wilson

Name: Paul Wilson

Club: Pendle and Wharfedale

Where are you from?: Wycoller

Age: 52

Occupation: IT Manager

How long have you been running?: 9 years

How long have you been fell running?: 8 years

Why fell running?: Enjoy the informality and sociability of fell running. Love getting out on the hills

Favourite Race(s) why?: All of the steeper BOFRA races and the KWL Arant Haw race

Greatest achievements (or disasters!): Completing the 3 peaks in 2008. Came last at Coniston Gullies on a wet day

Do you follow a training programme?: Yes. Try to get a long run per week plus a speed/intervals session

What is your weekly mileage?: Varies considerably, but would like 25 to 30 miles when not injured

Who is your sporting hero / villain!: Always impressed by Ian Holmes - who else can win short BOFRA type races and the Lake District longs

Favourite food: Cake

Favourite drink: Latte and red wine

Favourite shoes: Inov8

Favourite piece of running kit: Gore winter tights

Favourite music / band: Listen to almost everything, even lots of Radio One these days when the kids are in the car

Favourite movie / TV programme: Don't have much time to watch television

Do you have any other hobbies?: Chairman (until Dec 2011) of Pendle AC and also level 2 endurance coach. I'm also a director of Pendle Leisure Trust who operate sports and entertainment facilities in our local area

Give us an interesting fact / something we wouldn't know about you!: Used to judge Shetland sheep all around the country

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't fell running I would be... ...helping out.

Complete the sentence: I have never... ...been ice skating.

Anything else you want to add?: I think that the BOFRA format is fantastic for kids - long may it continue

Paul Wilson

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