Member Profiles - Peter Lewis

Name: Peter Lewis

Club: Ilkley Harriers.

Where are you from?: Originally Wincanton, Somerset. Now Burley in Wharfedale.

Age: 68

Occupation: Pre-retirement coach/trainer (part-time).

How long have you been running?: 40 Years (54 if you count school cross-country).

How long have you been fell running?: 6 Years.

Why fell running?: The views, the camaraderie, the endorphins, plus a great way to keep fit without the negative impact of road running.

Favourite Race(s) why?: Burley Moor Run (local and I’ve run them all), Wharfedale Half Marathon (for the challenge).

Greatest achievements (or disasters!): In 2011 I helped to make A History of the World Special for BBC Radio 4, about my uncle Bryn Roberts’ time as a prisoner-of-war In 1981 I ran the 1st London Marathon two weeks after the birth of my first son.

Do you follow a training programme?: Haphazardly.

What is your weekly mileage?: Between 6 and 16.

Who is your sporting hero / villain!: Helene Whitaker. Also Richard Askwith who, by writing Feet in the Clouds, got me into all this.

Favourite food: Wharfedale Lamb chops.

Favourite drink: Post-race beer.

Favourite shoes: Inov-8.

Favourite piece of running kit: When it’s muddy, my Inov-8 Mudclaws enable me to overtake less well shod runners half my age.

Favourite music / band: Hendrix and Handel, Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles

Favourite movie / TV programme: Film: Draughtsman’s Contract; TV: Last Kingdom.

Do you have any other hobbies?: History especially pre-conquest Wessex, World War 2 and the Pilgrimage of Grace. Occasional mountaineering.

Give us an interesting fact / something we wouldn't know about you!:I volunteer as a guide at Fountains Abbey.

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't fell running I would be... ... Walking up hills in the Dales, the Lake District or Scotland.

Peter Lewis

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