Camping – Kirkby Gala

Kirkby Gala Committee once again welcomes all BOFRA members to Kirkby Gala , this year Saturday 29th of June.

As always BOFRA members are welcome to camp on the field on Friday and Saturday night.  The renovated Cricket Pavilion now has improved facilities and showers.
There will be a charge of £20 per family per night to camp.  One of the BOFRA committee will collect the fees.

For those who have not been before, we normally camp along the far edge and right hand side of the sports field.

Providing the weather is fine, people usually bring barbecues and then we get a communal firepit going afterwards, which all are welcome to join in with.

Dogs are welcome but MUST be on leads at all times.  No dogs allowed off lead in the Sports Field or fields that the race pass through.

The routes will be the same as  last year, with much less road running.