Parking for Coniston Gullies

Parking for Coniston Gullies race will not be at the school again this year, It will be same place as last year in the next field down. So turn into Lake Road, go past the school till there is a bend in the road then there should be a gate into a field on the right hand side.

Registration and prize giving will all be taking place here.  Please allow time to get from here to the race start, as it will be a little further to walk.

You will be nearer to the lake though for after the race, as often if its good weather people bring barbecue and children/ adults like to get their feet wet.

Their are toilets either further down this road next to the lake or in the village as you walk to the race start.

Please do not park on the road up to the race start as it causes congestion and bad feeling with residents.

Parking will be £3.