Race Registration – Arncliffe Fell Race

Registration is now open for BOFRA Arncliffe Fell Race on Saturday 14th August 2021.

  • If you are a BOFRA member and have already ran this season, you no longer need to pre-register for BOFRA Championship races.

Please note the following changes for who needs to register, which are based on the government restrictions being eased from 19th July. Also due to the fact that the numbers attending our races are similar to normal years we no longer feel it necessary to impose any limit on numbers.

Non BOFRA Members
We would encourage you to continue using the online system to register for the races as this will speed up the processes of number collection on the day and results.  Alternatively it should be possible to enter on day by completing a paper entry form either at the race or before hand.  You will then pay for your entry, but no longer need to put it in an envelope

BOFRA Members.
If you have already registered for a race this season using our online form, and have your black BOFRA number, then we already have all your emergency contact details in our system. You will no longer need to register on line, nor need to fill in a paper form. You will simply turn up, pay for your entries and we will tick your name off on the Members list. If you have not competed yet this season, you will need to complete either an online registration or paper entry form so we capture your details for future races. Just bring your payment, no need to put in an envelope any more.


Pre-register for Junior and Senior races using the appropriate form by following the links underneath. There are now just two forms, one for the Senior race and one for all Junior races. Payment will still be made on the day £2 for Juniors , £5 for Seniors.

On the day you will simply collect your number from registration and pay for your entries. Once you have collected your number please move away from the collection area.

If you register and then decide not to run, please use the link you should receive to edit your entry and change the status to Not Running.

Entries will close at 8am on Friday 13th of August.

The form is best completed on a pc or laptop rather than phone or tablet.
If using Chrome mobile browser, try clicking on the year that is displayed to the left of the calendar to scroll to your year of birth first. This might save lots of clicking on arrow buttons.

After completing the form please make sure you press the submit button. Sometimes Google makes you complete a picture puzzle. If the form is submitted successfully you will receive an on screen pop up acknowledgement thanking you for your entry. Afterwards you should receive 2 confirmation emails, one from race-entries@bofra.org.uk containing confirmation and instructions and one from forms-receipts-noreply@google.com with a copy of your entry. It may be that one or both of these emails go to your spam folder, so please check there if you don’t receive them. As long as you get the pop up thank you message, your entry was successful, do not worry about the emails.


In case of queries please email race-entries@bofra.org.uk

Arncliffe Fell Race Saturday 14th August 2021

First race 2.00pm

Registration  Junior Races
Minimum age 6 on day, Under 17 on 1st May 2021
Registration Senior Race
17 or over on 1st May 2021