Prize Giving and Presentations

All being well we plan to start presenting prizes following the races at Farleton Knott.  In preparation here are the list of winners from the 5 races to date.

As there is quite a backlog to get through we will split the presentation into two. We will present the trophies and prizes for the junior races after the u17 race and before we set the seniors off to minimise the number of people waiting around.

If your name appears on these lists, then for U9 and U12 you have won a trophy, U14,U17,Seniors and Vets you have won a prize so make sure you stay for the prizegiving. In the case of Vets prizes, if the first vet has already won a prize in the top 3, then the prize carries down to the next vet in that category.

Dont worry if you cant make it to Farleton we will carry them over to the next race.

Coniston Gullies – Prizewinners

Kettlewell – Prizewinners

Hawkswick Dash – Prizewinners

Kirkby Gala – Prizewinners

Cracoe – Prizewinners